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Company Objective

Batec Contracting and Trading (BCT) aims to be the largest Construction Company in the Qatari Market, to achieve and surpass the client’s needs and offer a wide range of consolidated construction services. It is based on up-to-date knowledge, quality workmanship and on-time distribution of the projects. This will build trust and encourage other opportunities.

We put customers on the ladder of priorities and their interest that they harness all its capabilities and competencies to be the level of expectations of its clients. Therefore, the company strives to respect the deadlines of the projects and provide the highest international quality standards while maintaining the principles of the company in its best technology and expertise selection. The company seeks to deliver projects on time and surpasses the client’s needs. Due to these factors, we oath to develop ourselves and move forward to become among the best, locally and internationally based company.

We carefully studied the entire aspects of the projects to highest levels of expertise and professionalism. As we obtain alliance with International Companies to share in major projects in Qatar. In addition, to emphasis our good teamwork, making the alliance currently the largest numbers of completed project in Qatar.